Emarco General Trading LLC a USA-based company providing and supplying quality food and General merchandise from the international market.
1 - Pure Sunflower Oil
2- Pure Cornflower Oil
2-Fine Pasta
3- Quality Rice
5-Quality Beans
6- Olive Oil
7-General Merchandise
Emarco General Trading has supplied food items for over 200 companies in Northern California. Our products are tested and certified by FDA as per international standards. We have regional offices in Turkey, China, Pakistan, Dubai, Afghanistan, and USA.

Core Competencies

  • Potential access to a wide variety of markets
  • Experience and Expertise Of Food Supply and general merchandise
  • Good Customer Service
  • Management and Leadership


1-Large Warehouse In LA
2-FDA Approved
3- On time delivery and trucking
4-Quality Products
5-Working Experience with Government Contracting and FAR regulation
6-Regional Office in 6 countries
7- Local Warehouses

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